• Purpose

    The Print Shop is responsible for providing responsive, high quality documents and related services, in support of the mission of all Craven County Schools (CCS). Services include high speed/high quality duplication, transactional printing, bindery/finishing, imaging, and consulting. Print Shop customer service representatives leverage industry expertise and a pool of commercial printing contracts to broker highly specialized orders to commercial resources. The Print Shop is responsible for providing high-speed digital black and white and color printing, offset printing, and bindery services, as well as facilitating outsourced commercial print services.



  • Description

    The Print Shop serves all of CCS, and provides high speed digital black and white and color printing in a variety of formats. This includes posters and banners, offset printing and bindery services of commercial quality. All services are directly charged to customer agencies and CCS.

    Orders processed in the Print Shop represent work that is either time consuming, intricate, or both. Each job is tracked to record when the request was received, the date that the order was started, and when the work is fully completed by staff. If a job is received where the Print Shop does not have the technical equipment to do the work, then the Print Shop obtains quotes from vendors that the County has a contract with to obtain the lowest cost.

    Additionally, the Print Shop is able to deliver quality products at extremely competitive rates. Examples of work include the generation of purchasing documents, statements for Human Resources, healthcare statements, various invoices, and other transactional documents. The Print Shop is open during normal business hours; however, staff support emergency work orders as needed.

Contact Information

  • Operational Support Services
    p: 252-514-6398
    f:  252-514-632

    Direct: 252-514-4390

    Graphic Designer/Customer Support:
    Ashley Whitford
    Direct: 252-514-4391


  • Benefits

    The Print Shop provides reliable service supporting document output needs for County agencies, maintaining the expertise necessary to consult with customers, ensuring that goals are accomplished in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. The team retains familiarity of County business operations and proactively ensures agencies needs are meet. The team performs work very efficiently, enabling the customer to dedicate their time to fulfilling departmental goals rather than expending effort producing documents and other print media.