• Parents may request reassignment to another school during the Spring for the following school year.  Reassignment are granted only for hardship situations. Employees of Craven County Schools are able to have their children reassigned to be at their place of employment or the nearest school.  Many things will be taken into consideration when processing reassignment requests such as discipline, attendance, tardies, and space at the requested school. Parents must provide their own transportation to and from school if on reassignment. 

    If a family moves closer to the end of the school year and wishes for their child to finish the school year at their current school, they may also request reassignment.  They would need to contact the Director of Student Services at 252 514-6341 or email to discuss this option.  

    REMINDER:  If you plan to request a school reassignment for your child for next year, please be aware that this option is available for HARDSHIP only and transportation is not provided.

    Request for Reassignment forms will be available at all schools and at the Board of Education beginning on April 1, 2019.  The deadline to submit reassignment requests is June 1, 2019 for the upcoming 2019-20 school year.

    Reassignment that are turned in according to the process and on time are considered by the Director of Student Support Services.  The family will be mailed a letter to let them know if the request was approved or denied.   If the request was denied, the family may then file a written appeal to the Superintendent for consideration.  Once the request is reviewed by the Superintendent, a letter will be sent to the family regarding approval or denial.    If the request has been denied by the Superintendent, the family may then file a written appeal to the Board of Education.  A panel of 2-3 Board members will be assembled for a hearing.  At the hearing, the family may present their information regarding their request.  The panel of Board members will make the final decision which will be mailed to the family.