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    ClassLink Logon Info:
    Staff and students will access ClassLink from here: https://launchpad.classlink.com/craven
    Students will log in using their student ID number.
    Student passwords will be their Digital Key (From PowerSchool)
    Major Change in Password Setup:
    To migrate away from our reliance on NCEdCloud and towards ClassLink, our password configurations will have to change for our students. 
    Moving forward, our student passwords will be generated and changed in PowerSchool (not NCEdCloud).  Our students will log into ClassLink using the password from PowerSchool that we will call the Digital Key.  Data Managers have been made aware of this change.  
    Before the students arrive or as new students enroll at the school, their NCEdCloud password will have to be manually changed to their Digital Key.  By doing this, students will not have to remember a password for ClassLink and a separate password for applications in NCEdCloud.
    • We recommend that PK-12 teachers (or school designee) manually change the student NCEdCloud Passwords to the Digital Keys. 
    • From PowerSchool, the Digital Key is all caps - letters and numbers.  NCEdCloud will not allow all caps - so the first letter of the Digital Key must be made lowercase.
      • Example: The Digital Key is 8H43ERT.  The NCEdCloud Password must be reset to 8h43ERT.  (Making the first letter lowercase.)

    How Does This Look on Your Campus?:
    Each school can decide how the passwords will be changed.
    Here are a few suggestions:
    • Teachers (or a school designee) can change student passwords anytime convenient to the school/staff.
    • Teachers or data managers can print class rosters from a report in PowerSchool that provides this information.  Middle and High Schools can ask teachers (or a school designee) to change the passwords for a list of students (ex: 1st period teachers can change the passwords for their 1st period students).  
    • If passwords in Rapid ID are reset, please have a plan to communicate this to other staff members so passwords in RI are not changed again.

How to Change Rapid ID PWs to Digital Keys:

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