It's Summer! What Should I Practice?

  • In the summer time it's all about keeping your chops nice and strong so you don't lose the stuff you have learned.  

    1.  Always warm-up: use long tones, a scale, rhythms, challenge yourself to learn something new! 

    2.  Work on the things that you have already learned in your Standard of Excellence Book - make sure you can play it

    3.  Work ahead in the Standard of Excellence Book if you want! 

    4.  SMARTMUSIC! You can now search for anything at all that you want in SmartMusic! 

    5. Email Mrs. Dyal if you would like a solo to work on

    6. Use the youtube links and the google folder links below to access your scales and some fun things to practice and listen to on your instrument.

    7 Percussion: make sure to do both snare activities and mallet activities! Keep both sets of hands strong! 


    SIGN UP FOR SUMMER BAND JAM in August! We will spend 3 days getting the band back together.  



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Links to Google Folders

  • Always make sure when you click on a folder that you are selecting the correct file for your instrument! 


    Six Major Scale Slides (the ones we use in class) - practice these slowly and at different speeds, use the links to practice with the tracks, or mix it up and play rhythms with them!

    Chromatic Scales with Fingerings - use these to learn the first chromatic scale you should know 

    Chromatic Scales (more advanced set) - use these when you are ready to go beyond the first octave! 

    All District Scale Sheets - Planning on auditioning for district or just want to show you know your scales? These are the ones you have to know.  Use the scale slides to help you learn the notes! 

    Video Game Songs - some popular video game shorties to learn

    Star Wars-Easy Version 

    Stick Control Exercises:  Percussion (snare)-practice these at different tempos, start slowly and then speed up until you can play them correctly and repeated 10 times! 

    Rhythm Charts - practice counting these and use them with your scales, don't forget to use a metronome! 


    **I'll add to this list as the summer progresses and I can get my laptop organized!**

YouTubers to Check Out


    Great Youtube Channels: 

    Some of these are to practice with, some are great to listen to/watch and learn


    Dr. Selfridge - Learn How to Band (all instruments)

    Trumpet Guy - obviously trumpet

    Christopher Bill - trombone 

    JohnMcAllisterMusic - all instruments 

    Mr. Gordon - great rhythm practices

    Clarinet HQ - obviously clarinet

    Lyon Bros - great group of band kids that make videos

    JK Sax- Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonist 

    SongBird Music - great tiktok playalongs! 

    Jaime Jamison -jsquaredhorn - horn tutorials 

    Brass Recordings - trombone

    The Black Trumpeter - trumpet tutorials with Aaron Washington 

    Rebecca Fuller - Learn Flute Online

    Percussion How To - percussion! 

    Steve Graves - Percussion

    Practicing Musician - all instruments

    Rudeway - clarinet 

    Alyssa Widener - horn

    Cally's Clarinet Channel - clarinet.....

    Earspasm Music - clarinet

    Joe Martone - percussion

    Trumpet Music - TMO online 

    Manuel Nageli - trombone

    Pure Music - woodwinds 

    Four Play Clarinet - clarinets 

    Melissa.Flutes - flutes

    Justin Dickson - a NC band directo with lots of cool stuff especially cleaning instrument



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