Mr. Brandon Akins

Phone: 252-444-5112


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Brandon Akins

I graduated from Swansboro High School in 2006 as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow.  I attended UNCP and graduated with my B.A. in History in 2010.  I spent from 2010-2020 at Jacksonville High School in Onslow County.  I am dual Certified in History (9-12) and Science (9-12).  I am also AP and IB Certified.

  • Schedule and Canvas Links


    First Period- Marine Science



    Second Period-Biology



    Third Period-Marine Science



    Fourth Period-Planning



    *Daily office hours 12-3

    **Evening Office Hours Wednesday 7-8 (By appointment only)

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  • Syllabus




    Hybrid Instruction Syllabus Platform:

    CANVAS - You will access all of your courses through your "rapid identity" landing page. All of the information, links and materials needed for class can be found there. 

    Plan C schedule (full remote instruction)

    (S) = Synchronous (planned meeting times where you should plan on being connected to the teacher/class digitally)

    (A) = Asynchronous (work you can complete according to the time parameters set for that individual assignment)

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

    1st Period Biology 8:00am - 8:45am (S)

    2nd Period Biology 9:00am - 9:45am (S)

    3rd Period Marine Science 10:00am - 10:45am (S)

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:

    1:00 - 3:00pm (A)

    Office Hours:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:00 - 1:00pm.   Please email me during these times and I will literally be checking emails and responding to your concerns ASAP.  If we need to set up a "video chat" for enhanced communication we can schedule it at this time.


    You are expected to turn your camera ON during Zoom sessions. Instructions will be given on how to set up a generic background for privacy.

    Grading Percentages:

    Classwork/Homework: 20%
    Projects: 30%
    Quizzes: 20%


    NCFE Exam: 25% of FINAL grade

    Make-Up Work:

    All digital resources are posted daily to our class web page. When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to check on missed assignments and turn in all late work. 

    Late Work:

    If you fail to turn in an assignment on time, you will only be given 3 school days to turn it in. The assignment will not be accepted after 3 school days and will be scored as a "0".  This includes homework, papers, projects, and labs.

    Communication is the Key

    My goal is to make Distance Learning as straightforward as possible. I can assist you with problems that I am aware of.  As we go along, please email me at the above address with any questions or concerns.


    Marine Science

    Class Topics

    -Marine Environments

    -Exploring Oceans

    -Ship Wrecks

    -Geology of Oceans

    -Marine Ecology & Climates

    -Marine Algae & Plants

    -Marine Invertebrates

    -Marine Vertebrates



    Test - 35%

    Projects/Labs - 25%

    Classwork - 25%

    Quizzes - 15%

    Final Exam will account for 25% of your grade.


    Makeup Work

    You have 3 days after assignment due date to received credit.  After those 3 days, assignment will be marked as a zero. 

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