Options for Obtaining an Instrument

  • There are many different options for obtaining an instrument for your student. 

    You can choose to rent an instrument, obtain it from a relative or family friend, purchase it off the internet or from a pawn shop, or in some cases, use a school instrument.  

    We recommend that students RENT their instrument, especially for beginning band. 

    Here are some considerations for you as you embark on this journey of musical excellence with the bands at Tucker Creek! 


Fuller's Music Rental Talk

Comparing Your Options

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Considerations when Purchasing an Instrument

  • There are many things to think about when purchasing an instrument rather than renting one.  Here are a few to pay attention to: 

    1.  Is it a reputable brand that our local music dealer can repair? Finding parts for some brands of instruments, especially those that come from overseas, is a challenge so sometimes the local music store is unable to repair it or guarantee the quality of the repair.  This can sometimes lead to parents having to purchase another instrument, ultimately costing more money. 

    2.  How much work will it take to make it playable and easy for the student to learn to play?  Sometimes, finding a used instrument that needs a little bit of work is a great way to start your band career.  Sometimes this can backfire and the cost of repairing the instrument is more than it is worth.  Fuller's Music will always look at an instrument and give you an honest opinion.  If purchasing locally you can even have the seller meet you there before you purchase it!  Always call Fuller's to set this up at 252-638-2811.  

    3.  Will this instrument help my student play with a characteristic sound? This means, will it play in tune with the rest of the instruments in the band and sound like it is supposed to sound?  Some instruments are notoriously flat (playing below the correct note) or sharp (playing above the correct note) which can be very frustrating when a student is trying to sound like everyone else.  

    4.  Mouthpieces and accessories such as reeds are very important to be of a high quality.  

    5.  Percussion students are expected to get the Musser/Ludwing 2.5 octave xylo kit with practice pad, stand, and bag.  We are no longer using the bell kit and snare drum set.  If your student is chosen for percussion and you already own that set up you may use it, but the students are much more successful on the xylophone (and your ears will be thankful!).


    As a general rule, a colored instrument such as blue, purple, or pink will not be repairable and will not last long for the student.  They generally do not play in tune at all or have a good sound.  

    Some reputable brands for woodwinds are: Artley, Selmer, Yamaha, and Bundy, Gemeinhardt, Leblanc, Vito, Buffet

    Some reputable brands for brass instruments are: Yamaha, Selmer, Bach, Bundy, and Jupiter, King, Conn, Getzen, Besson

    If you are looking at an instrument and would like an opinion on it you can send a link or information to Mrs. Dyal for a quick review.  

Instrument Buying Guide

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