Joining the Tucker Creek Mustang Band

  • Band Logo Middle school opens up the opportunity to be a part of many wonderful clubs, sports, and musical activities.  Here at TCMS we offer all of those things for all of our students.   Those of us that are part of the #MightyMustangBand feel like the BEST decision any student will make is deciding to JOIN THE BAND!

    The information on this website will help you make the best decision for your student and your family about being a part of the band program at Tucker Creek.  The Mustang Band is large family, and we hope you will make the decision to let your student be a part of our family as they learn to love, make, and create music.  This is a journey that starts in the sixth grade but it will impact them for a lifetime.  

    Click Here to go to an informational letter from the Mustang Band Director Mrs. Blair Dyal


    Ready to Sign-Up?

    Please complete this google form and you will receive an email from Mrs. Dyal to set up your student's placement in the band and confirm their instrument choice!



    Trying to decide what instrument is best for your student?  

    Click here for resources on choosing the best instrument for your student

    Click here for information on Obtaining an Instrument

Making Music is a Skill for Life

Great Websites and Videos about Joining Band

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Can my student still play sports and be in the band?

    A:  Absolutely! The band director works closely with the athletic department to ensure we keep conflicts to a minimum and when there are concerns we work together to solve them.  Students are taught to make the best decisions for their team(s) including both their sport team and their band.  


     Q:  Is being in band expensive? 

    A:  The average rental cost for an instrument is $34.00/month for a new instrument. If you choose to rent a certified used instrument the cost is even less!  There is a cost for the uniform and book and some instruments have supplies like reeds to purchase.  However, if a student needs help with obtaining an instrument or supplies we have resources available to support them! 


    Q: What if my student decides band is not for him/her?

    A: We ask that if you commit to the program that you commit for a full year.  Many times the first few months are tough but they end up falling in love towards the end when they start feeling successful.  Encouraging daily practice and offering encouragement even when it sounds....unpleasant...will go a long way! 


    Q: Can my student join the band after sixth grade? 

    A: Like any sport or core class band builds its skills in a "spiraling" fashion.  Subsequently, students that start late often struggle to catch up to the rest of their team.  It is important that they learn the skills they need in sixth grade so they are successful in the rest of their musical career.