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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Church Ministries Masters in Teaching and Learning Education Specialist of Curriculum and Instruction Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Jeffrey Harris

Welcome to the HHS math department. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Rev. Jeffrey Harris, Ed.D., the math department chair. I attended Auburn University, received my B.S. from The University of Mount Olive, Ma.Ed., Ed.S. and Ed.D. from Liberty University. I am currently attending North Carolina State University to obtain my graduate math certificate. I  have been at HHS for 18 years, I am a retired Marine, a pastor of a church in Jones County and I coach baseball. I look forward to taking my students with me on the journey of being a lifelong learner.

  • 1st Pd Math 4  0730 – 0930                      Weekly Playlist

    Synchronous:Tuesday and Friday

    1st Period PreCalculus -0730 - 0930          Weekly Playlist

    Synchronous: Monday and Thursday


    2nd Pd Math 4– 0935 – 1100                      Weekly Playlist



    3rd Pd Math3 – 1105 – 1300                       Weekly Playlist



    4th Pd Math4 – 1300 – 1430                       Weekly Playlist



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