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B.A. Biology - St. Mary's College of Maryland

Mr. Ron Thomas


My name is Ron Thomas - "Mr. T".  I have been teaching for 22 years. I am certified by North Carolina to teach all of the Secondary Sciences. My schedule this year includes Biology/Honors Biology and Honors Anatomy and Physiology. This is my 8th year at Havelock High School. I am also the Head Coach for Men's and Women's Tennis.


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    OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

    Please email me at to set up an appointment. We can meet either in person or virtually.

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    Havelock High Biology

    Week of: September 20 - September 24


    Class Goal:  Discuss the basic unit of life: Cells.  Locomotion, Homeostasis, and Introduction to Transport

    Class Schedule: 9/21-9/25

    Monday: Locomotion and Homeostasis

    Tuesday: Introduction to Transport (Osmosis)

    Wednesday: Catch Up Day and Reflection (Teacher office hours).

    Thursday: Review

    Friday: Test 1 (Benchmark)

    Learning Target(s):

    This week we will…

    NCSCOS Standard(s): Bio.1.1 Bio1.2  

    1. Understand the relationship between the structure and function of cells and their organelles.

    1. Analyze the cell as a living system.

    I can…

    • compare and contrast prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
    • explain the structure and function of cell organelles
    • identify the parts of the cell


    Vocabulary: Cell Membrane, organelles, prokaryotes, eukaryotes, nucleus, nucleolus, golgi bodies, ribosomes, smooth ER, rough ER, Cell Wall, Lysosomes, chloroplast, mitochondria, cilia, flagella, vacuoles, cytoplasm, homeostasis, locomotion, eyespots, pseudopods

    Resources for Learning:

    You can explore some, or all of these resources. 



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    Required Student Activities:

    You must complete these activities to apply what you learned.


    Chart Making

    Assessment of Student Learning:


    Daily Checks

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